Environmental Consulting

Focused on cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions, our consulting services are catered to residential homeowners and HOAs. With expertise in stormwater management and ecological restoration, we offer customized strategies that address your financial considerations and implement sustainable green initiatives. Experience the benefits of our consulting services by contacting us today and transform your property into a resilient and nature-friendly environment.

Outreach & Education

Shoreline Restoration Group is passionate about improving the health and vitality of our coastal communities. In support of our mission, we are happy to provide outreach and educational programs aimed to:


  • Educate communities and leaders on the science of living shorelines, stormwater pond buffers, and rain gardens as eco-friendly solutions for coastal and urban environmental challenges.
  • Provide insights into the long-term management, benefits, and costs of these practices. We can demonstrate how these projects can reduce erosion, protect upland property, improve water quality, and enhance biodiversity.
  • Encourage homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and landowners to consider the implementation of these practices as a potential alternative to traditional management practices.


Educational opportunities are available to all sectors of the public. We have experience presenting to government and private organizations in both formal and informal settings. Contact us today to learn more and submit a request.